Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Recently, Duke of Uke and Soup Studios have been given an eviction notice, so that their landlord can open up one of his own business ventures and captialise on the buzz of the Spitalfields area. Not only do Omi Palone rehearse and record in Soup Studios (located under Duke Of Uke), but Philip has worked in the shop for two years both as a shop assistant and teacher. It has become a home of sorts for the band, and The Man is taking it away from us.

In light of this sad, sad news, we're playing a fundraiser in the Christ Church Spitalfields on the 14th of July, in support of their future. The show will take place in the crypt. Also, playing are The Wave Pictures, Tigercats and Columbus & Crusoe, who feature members of Trash Kit. All in all, a real gang of dudes, in a fucking amazing location. I mean, the church was designed by Hawksmoor, a freemason who dug "pagan" symbols such as pyramids and obelisks and who was known as "The Devil's Architect".


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