Sunday, 20 January 2013


The second issue of LANGDON OLGAR - a zine by HollabackLDN! made with the aim 'to put the issue of street harassment in context with text and visuals on a variety of related issues.' - is available now:

"Issue two includes visual and written work on the subject of gender, sexism and the body in public space.  This issue takes a smaller yet thicker appearance, sitting somewhere between zine, journal and artist’s book in form. It includes work from interested parties across the gender spectrum – Tavi Gevinson, Jen Calleja, Barbara Hammer, Jes Skolnik, Judy Berman, R.M Phoenix and many others, as well as art and writing from the editors themselves, and design and layout by Jamie Reid. It is staple-bound, full colour, and was professionally risograph printed by our friends at Ditto Press."

Available HERE

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