Thursday, 29 August 2013


NMR consistently pull the cat outta the bag when it comes to DIY shows. They often put on bands that are in their infancy, and provide a much-needed platform for new faces/sounds.

Real happy to have been invited to headline their show in the basement of a local cafe that i've never heard of. It's always a pleasure to diverge from the well-trodden path of the same ol' circuit, especially with the added bonus of not having to schlep our gear too far at the end of the night.

// sweet, sweet punk music. There's a flying nun stuck in thee garage

// Glasgow based summery indie pop 

//Grupo musical from Argentina, catch them while you can - "simple stripped back indie pop with great melodies - perfect sunshine vibes! " - PICADILLY RECORDS

//high energy fractured pop songs. "So clever!!" - Rachel Aggs

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