Sunday, 1 December 2013


On the 4th of December, an Omi will be performing as part of an 11-piece guitar group at the opening of a new exhibition by Anarch Gallery.

Anarch organise exhibitions in a variety of interesting spaces, aiming to provide an alternative platform for new commissions; encouraging collaboration, risk-taking, discussion and realisation of new ideas that might otherwise be on the periphery.
They will be occupying the former lighting showroom and basement of 14 Warren Street, W1T 5LJ.

This exhibition will feature a new commission by Andrew T Cross and letters by Gordon Matta Clark, and will run between the 5th – 20th December.

On the opening night (December 4th), Phil of Omi Palone will be one of the guitarists performing a one off avant-garde work for 11 guitars entitled "XI", that pays homage to Ryhs Chatham’s Guitar Trio and the No Wave movement. Taking a guitar drone in the key of D as a starting point, the 11 players – made up of members of fellow London bands Cheatahs, Mazes, Male Bonding, Great Ytene, and Novella – will each take it in turn to improvise and explore tonal possibilities within the drone.

More info here.

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